Flower/Pamphlet Dropping And Banner Towing

Flower dropping activity basically means the dropping of flower petals from the air. In civilian use it is mostly carried out using Helicopters. The reasons for flower dropping can be as varied as the diversity of cultures in India.
It may be used to celebrate a religious event with the dropping being done on a shrine, Temple, Gurdwara, Church or a Mosque or on a location considered to be of religious value or on a procession or a statue.
It may be used to celebrate the opening of a landmark facility or a building. It may be done to commemorate a birthday or anniversary of an event. It may be carried out to celebrate a festival or carry out a ritual. It might even be done to entertain a crowd or gather crowds.

A variation of flower dropping is pamphlet dropping. This may be carried out to advertise or focus more attention to the brand. The level of publicity that this offers is huge.

Banner Towing is an activity where in a banner with a slogan or the name of a company to be advertised is towed behind an aircraft. The type of machine used for this activity is a small fixed wing aircraft.
Since, carrying any passengers is not allowed during the towing activity, hence, the aircraft used is of minimum seating capacity. Generally, slower type of turbo props are used for this activity. This is the type of advertising that gives a brand the biggest exposure
A couple of hours of this advertising can give the brand huge exposure over a selected city. It is becoming more and more popular method of advertising in the smaller cities.