About Us
Aerotech FMS Pvt Ltd was established in 2009 with the sole purpose of providing high quality and reliable service aviation support. Within two years the company has managed to carve out an exclusive space for himself in this highly competitive business and is already more than 20 operators, large and small around the world for all their permits and handling requirements in the Indian subcontinent. Our guiding principle was transparency in all our relationships and commitments. All our customers are provided an estimate of services prior to any proposed mission and often we exceed them. If we do it again with the express approval of the client.

Gather a team of professionals trained and experienced and motivated aviation, we have seen a steady growth of our client list over the last 2 years.

Today we had the support of operations ranging from 747 to ULM. Our activity extends to support missions such as flying adventure to circumnavigate the globe for scheduled flights with wide-body aircraft.

The size of the company is large enough to support any type of operation, but manageable enough for the directors to personally follow each grade of theft and monitor. Our quality service has ensured that we now have a list of very satisfied clients and our client list is purely on word of mouth