Mr. G. S. Nagi : A pilot and an engineer himself who entered the Industry more than 25 years back. Has been instrumental in guiding various pioneering projects in the Indian Aviation industry to a successful completion. These include launching the first air cargo operation under the open sky policy in 1991, one of the very first Air Taxi operations in the country, single handedly promoting the use of small aircraft and helicopters during the elections by politicians as well as by corporates, among other firsts.
Mr. Nagi is not only a successful entrepreneur, but is also regarded as one of the foremost minds in aviation in India.

Our Team
We recognize that human resources is an important resource for any company. We are proud to introduce our team of professionals who are well known in their respective fields.

Gurbir Singh With more than 15 years in the industry is an expert on planning the maintenance schedules as well as sourcing the spares and parts in the shortest possible time. The emphasis is always to minimise the AOG time of any aircraft. Being an expert in financial management and  planning can advise of the most cost effectives methods for all our clients.

Amit Nath: With over 20 years of experience in airport management of both scheduled and non-scheduled operations in middle as well as higher management, is now the in house expert on planning and execution of operations worldwide. Maintains a close working co-ordination with various partners and GHAs worldwide to ensure that all our operations are carried out with utmost precision.

Rishap Choudhary: Over 10 years of experience in selling of belly as well as main-deck space on the scheduled as well as non-scheduled flights. Maintains close links with the major players in the cargo market in India.

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