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We wish to request all interested in requesting Indian Flight Permits to kindly go through the below regulations laid down by the DGCA.

1. There is no requirement to obtain flight clearances for aircraft operating outside the Indian territory which includes the territorial waters but within Indian the Flight Information Regions (FIRs).

2. A new Application Form (Annexure ‘A’) is to be used for all types of flight clearances. Any application submitted with incomplete information would be summarily rejected.

3. The present minimum notice requirement for the flights for traffic purposes has been changed from seven to three working days and, for overflight/technical halts from three to one working day. The minimum notice period requirements, however, may not be insisted upon in the following cases:
a. Ambulance flight (name and address of the patient and the doctor to be given;
b. Relief aircraft of scheduled passenger airline due to grounding of aircraft;
c. Relief flights in case of natural calamities.

4. The registration of the aircraft and Name & Nationality of the Pilot-in-Command at Item Nos.7(iii) and 8 respectively of the application form may not be insisted upon in the following cases provided the aircraft is not capable of air dropping:
a. Series of tourist charter flights like operations to Goa Airport (total duration not les than one month) provided the following conditions are met:
i. Application for such flights must be submitted by the operators at least one month in advance:
ii. Permission in such cases would be given only to recognised airlines provided the antecedents of the airlines is certified by DGCA of the country where the airline is registered

b. Cargo flights operated by International Airlines operating scheduled passenger service to/from India.
c. Series of passenger/tourist flight over flying Indian air space making technical landings (total duration not less than one month) by major non-scheduled operators whose credentials are certified by their DGCA and Embassy/High Commission of that country.

5. Request for operating flights with aircraft capable of air-droppings require detailed scrutiny/check-up of the application. In such cases, it may not be possible to clear these flights with in the period stipulated at para 4 and 5 (a) (i), except when these flights are operated by International Airlines operating scheduled passenger services to/from India. Over flying Indian territory with aircraft capable of air droppings would not be permitted and a technical landing at an International Airport located nearest to the international border would be insisted.

6. Changes in the flight clearance would normally not be accepted and would require fresh clearance with proper notice. However, in exceptional circumstances, one time change may be accepted provided the replacing aircraft is not capable of air dropping.

7. Applications forwarded by Ministries/Departments of Government of India, and by the mission of the concerned countries through and duly supported by Ministry of External Affairs, may be given clearance notwithstanding the aforesaid guidelines. Such applications are required to be forwarded by the Ministries/Departments at the level of Deputy Secretary/Director and above.

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