All Visa holders can now enter UAE

UAE has now allowed all types of Visa holders from the restricted countries to enter UAE. However, the established COVID protocols in the UAE still remain in place and must be complied.

All Airlines / Operators must ensure that the pax follow the below :

a) Hold an approval granted by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship approval (ICA) OR an approval granted by GDRFA to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE); For the holders of residence visa only
b) Present a VALID Negative Covid-19 Test certificate that is issued within the valid time frame, namely, (48) hours from the time of collecting the sample and from and approved health service, which use QR code System; and
c) Present a Rapid PCR test report that should be based on molecular diagnostic testing intended for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid for SARS-COV-2 viral RNA; conducted at the departure airport prior to six (6) hours of departure, provided with QR code system.

Aerotech FMS has been assisting operators throughout the Pandemic period for their operations to and from the UAE. Please get in touch with us for urgent assistance.