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Our team of excellent dispatchers are waiting to plan your next flight very carefully. We have our team present 24 hours making it easy to send requests from all over the world,the dispatchers make sure you have the most optimised route keeping in mind all the parameters ranging from minimal fuel consumption,aircraft range,weather conditions,NOTAMS/watch hours,crew availability, passenger preferences etc.


The flight plans are filed online according to AIPs and are further monitored for any requests or changes. 

A complete flight plan which is handed over to the pilot before every flight consists of : 

  • Flight Logs

  • ICAO Forms

  • NOTAMs for the Route

  • Weather – TAFs / METARs

  • Route Plot

  • Weather Charts 

  • Satellite Images

  • Passenger Information Sheets

  • Any Additional Documents required by Crew / Operators

  • All our flight plans are available on Mobile Devices (Android / Apple) to the crew.

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