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Ground Handling Arrangements


Our Ground handling team is headed by professionals with more than 20 years experience of personally overseeing and managing handling operations at major airports. Our handling team maintains an extensive database of worldwide airports and ground handlers and services availability. Our operators can be rest assured that they will get the best negotiated deals wherever they land. Each of our handlers goes through a selection process after which only the handlers that are approved and legally eligible to provide ground handling at the respective airports are selected. We also ensure that the handler selected is the most experienced and the best equipped at each airport.

All our flights on ground are strictly monitored minute by minute and it is ensured that the operator’s flight department is always aware of the current situation. It is ensured that the handlers follow stringent handling and safety procedures at all times and whenever required our senior management is ready to travel to Oversee arrangements and Train the handlers as required.¬†

We have the most diverse portfolio of operators in the industry and handle various kinds of operations on a day to-day basis. A typical day at Aerotech FMS OCC would see the dispatchers and co-ordinators managing :

  • Business Jets carrying VIPs / High Networth Individuals / Celebrities
  • Medevac
  • Adventure / Earthrounders
  • Large Freighter operations
  • Scheduled Passenger Flights / Diversions
  • Demo Flights / Operations¬†
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