Your Local Source Worldwide - About Us

The core team has been working together since 1992 and have achieved various milestones in Aviation. Aerotech FMS was established in 2009 with the aim to provide high quality trip support to Indian Operators and Foreign Operators from a Company Based in India. 

Aerotech FMS setup a 24×7 Operations Control Center and started offering Trip Support to Indian Operators. The client list has not stopped growing since. Our current client portfolio includes Indian & Foreign Private Jet Owners, Charter Operators, Dedicated Ambulance operators, Freighter Operators, Charter Consolidators, Ferry Companies and Specialists, Aircraft Manufacturers, Military, Scheduled Airlines, Governments, Adventure Flight Operators and many many more.

There has been one common feature in all the above business. Anyone who has used us once has remained with us. This is largely because of the service quality and our CAN DO attitude. However, another reason for this is the  Transparent Billing system followed by us. All our Invoices are strictly as per the contracts or approved quotes and NO HIDDEN CHARGES ever. If there are any additional expenses, these are clearly explained and mostly pre-approved.


Gurbux Singh Nagi

A Pilot and an Engineer, he had the foresight and vision to foresee the upcoming requirements in the Indian Aviation sector and positioned the company to be in the right place at the right time.

Amit Nath

With more than 25 years experience in commercial and operations, plays integral part in streamlining and managing the operations. Also involved in constant negotiations for new businesses and contracts.

Gurbir Singh Nagi

An adventurer and an engineer, plays a vital role in controlling the Operations as well as the Finances. Bring more than 20 years experience in Airport & Cargo Operations.