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Enjoy the benefits of Trip Planning by EXPERTS

Let us imagine a small Aviation Division of a Large Corporate. The Aviation Head getting a call from the owner in middle of the night on a weekend for an urgent flight within the next 24 Hrs between Bangladesh and London. The pilots are woken up to start the planning. The staff is woken up to start applying for Overflight and Landing permits. Travel desk staff needs to be located to book the Hotels and arrange transport. If they are not available responsibility comes on the pilots. Cabin Crew is woken up to start planning the catering requirements. All work hard and finally the objective is achieved. All are ready for the flight and at the scheduled time, we have pilots who have not had enough sleep, Cabin Crew already tired and an Aviation Head who is still trying to remember if everything is done and worried that nothing is left out.

Let us re-imagine the above, where the Aviation Head gets a call and all he does is put in a message to Aerotech FMS. By the time he wakes up in the morning he has an update waiting on his mail with the test plans, permit status, Hotel options, NOTAMs, Restrictions, Slot Confirmations and even a catering Menu for all destinations for the cabin crew. By the morning coffee all members of the team have the information they would need for the trip and the owner can be briefed on the status of his trip at Breakfast.

We are EXPERTS at what we do and we have EXPERTS for every part of the operation.

Give us a call for your next operation and let us worry for all your requirements. You can be rest assured that YOU will be our TOP PRIORITY.





Destination requirements / Restrictions / regulations that may affect the flight operations. Our team also provides any local INTEL that may be helpful in the operation of the flight and to the passenger. We also arrange for personal or aircraft security as and when required. Our trained team also arranges for Crew and Pax transports, etc. Crew Visa requirements status and any special requirements for destination. Any vaccination requirements like yellow fever, etc.. . Read More